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Wooden packages

Wooden Packages


Wooden Packages

Within the first years of its business activity Juro-Trans dealt mainly with woodworking, but the range of our services has been significantly diversified with the flow of time. Nowadays we successfully produce pallets and more than one hundred people are hired. Furthermore, we cooperate with the local wood-centered companies.

How can you benefit from contacts with our company?

- we supervise the whole process concerning wooden packages production (starting with the selection of the primary commodity, ending in the process of production).

- the offered products are always of top quality

- deliveries on term are the proves of the reliability of the company

- if it is necessary we are able to deliver the ordered goods

- each of our contractors can expect that the pallets will be produced according to one’s individual demanding and preferences. All our products experience the HT timber heat treatment, and they meet the requirements of the IPPC certificate. Therefore, they are perfect devices to transport all untypical goods around the world, e.g. food.

Among building timber we offer:

- sawn and unsawn coniferous timber

- timber (boards, logs, square timber, laths, beams, rafters)

- realization of our customers’ individual projects

Wood is a very favorable building material experiencing its heyday. Wooden packages are safe, natural and aesthetic.

Juro-Trans uses only the primary commodity with the FSC certificate and consequently our customers are assured that the wood processed in this firm originates in both documented and reliable sources.
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