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Warsztat - 75 718 64 37 
Okręgowa Stacja Kontroli Pojazdów - 75 767 79 55

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Car Servicing


How of ten do you wonder whether the car service you have chosen can yield all your demanding?

Are you sure that it is able to efficiently, cheaply and proficiently help you to resolve all the problems related to your car? Owners of various cars every day face all these doubts. Our company offers you: timeliness, proficient employees and moderated prices, so everything that casts doubted while choosing a car service. Since 2003 our company has been running a car service focusing mainly on current repairs related to the majority of car brands. 

We deal with various vehicles:

- cars
- delivery trucks

- motor-lorries (especially RVI)

- trailers

            Having arranged a large area, our offer is directed at both individual customers and companies with organized fleets (cars and lorries).


Some of the services available in Juro-Trans concern:

            - chassis repairs

            - breaking systems repairs

            - steering gear repairs

            - oil exchanges

            - KTS engine diagnosis

            - wiring repairs

            - setting the wheels’ geometry

We strongly encourage you to try out our services.

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