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UWAGA!!! Zmiana numerów telefonów:
Warsztat - 75 718 64 37 
Okręgowa Stacja Kontroli Pojazdów - 75 767 79 55

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  The Local Vehicle Inspection Station  
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The Local Vehicle Inspection Station


Nowadays, when the speed of life increases every day, a car appears to be our ‘sovereign friend’. But every type of friendship, even the ‘mobile’ one demands special care and attention. Therefore, systematic inspections and examinations of our vehicles are necessary to guarantee their safety and efficiency.


Juro-Trans has been running the vehicle inspection station since 2003, and more relevantly it has the rights of the LOCAL vehicle inspection station (no DJE-001).

We are authorized to:

- all types first technical tests ( including gas vehicles)

- first technical tests of the vehicles bought abroad

- after-collision tests

In order to provide our customers with the highest standards of our services we are constantly improving our abilities and skills. Currently, we are participating in the Technical Academy Bosch Service. It is worth mentioning that the most modern devices of the MAHA Company, meeting the enormous demands of the European Union, are available in our company.


Our customers are provided with reliable and free counseling concerning the registration of various vehicles, their inspections etc.

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