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Transportation, forwarding


We can offer you a professional, cheap and comfortable car transportation. We are aware how important it is to select a proper carrier. It doesn’t matter what type of goods is transported by our company, we make effort to maintain both our forwarding and transportation on the highest level. Our transport services concern both national and international shipment. Our company prefers the countries of the Western Europe as they are the main targets of our business activity. A perfect shipper should provide one’s customer with an ideal arrangement of the forwarding process and more relevantly with security and timeliness. All those aspects are offered by Juro-Trans.

How is it possible?

- we are an experienced company with many useful contacts on the market, and ability to negotiate, that is why our goods are delivered in accordance with the highest European standards.

- we work according to ‘time is our customer’s money’ rule, so we make a lot of effort to fulfill our covenants reliable and always on time.

- we continuously modernize our fleet that is why we can compete even with the largest forwarding companies.

- the security of the delivered goods is the most significant factor (we constantly supervise the shipment).

- we have the OCPD insurance ( product defect insurance )


            The high level of the offered services can be confirmed by the dozens of satisfied customers. The fact that Juro-Trans’ customers repetitively make use of our services is the greatest compliment. The vehicles belonging to Juro-Trans are mainly used to deliver the purchased goods to our customers, but they also help us to provide the transport services within the whole Europe. The cars are equipped with the modern GPS system ( Global Positioning System). It provides our company with the information related to the location of the vehicle and consequently its factual time.

            Within the last few years we have experienced an investment boom. It is based on the full-scale dimension  of our services, our reliability and professionalism.

If you want to experience it yourself you are welcome to contact us.
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