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Presentation of the Company


Presentation of the Company

Welcome to the web site of the ‘P.W. Juro-Trans Jerzy Gadomski’ company.

The firm located in Kowary, near Jelenia Góra, has both: valuable experiences and well trained employees.

If you search for a company:
- producing wooden articles and landscape architecture
- running the local vehicle inspection station
- dealing with shipment of goods and cars servicing
check our offer.

What can we offer?
Why are we so special?

- a wide range of various contacts is available for our customers, as we become more professional each single year.

- P. W. Juro-Trans is a modern, well organized and managed firm, and consequently it offers top quality services and goods. Among various certificates we have FSC can be mentioned (Forest Stewardship Council: guarantees the reliability of the sources we take the materials from).

- our customers appreciate the efficiency of our work, our reliability and moderated prices.

We are a stable business partner…

It was in 1994 when the company was established. In that year Jerzy Gadomski started his own business activity. Within those several years Juro-Trans has gained general trust and appreciation of its customers. Furthermore, the majority of clients became our regular customers.

We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the variety of our services.
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deckboards, structural wood, pergolas, pavilions