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Wood impregnating

Wood Impregnating


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Wood Impregnating

Have you known that….

Even the wood that have been produced and processed in the best possible manner needs to be properly preserved, as it prolongs its vitality and aesthetics. Juro-Trans company became a specialist in the area oof wooden packages and landscape architecture several years ago. We are perfectly aware that both those categories of goods demand an adequate protection. Therefore, the process of wood impregnating is expected to improve its resistance to the harmful influence of the environmental and biological factors. More and more often wood is impregnated with the application of pressure. A specially designed devices, with the use of raised pressure, forces in the impregnating substances into tissues of the wood.

What can be achieved by the application of this approach?

The process of impregnating perfectly preserves and protects the wood used even in building various constructions. Juro-Trans company will quickly impregnate diverse wooden elements according to your needs.

We know:

- that wood needs to have a proper humidity level

- how to adjust a particular strategy of impregnating to the sort and category of the wood.

Our experts will answer all your questions and inquiries. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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