About us

Juro Trans is a family company

existing since 1994.

Based in Kowary. The company produces a wide range of wood assortment, from wood harvesting to processing. Juro Trans pays great attention to the quality of the wood and its finishing, knowing the importance of drying and the PPC procedure.


We will provide you with solutions

that meet the requirements, regardless of industry.

With our pallets, you can be sure that they are fitted and safe, and delivered to you by your own transport. Trust us and our many years of experience. Choose our pallets and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your goods are being transported safely.

Efficient logistics

optimisation of transport and distribution

Competitive prices

value for money

Best quality

precise workmanship, durability and safety

The extensive experience

and qualifications of Juro Trans employees

Juro Trans focuses on the dynamic development of its production potential and the automation of pallet and component production. An important aspect of the company's activities is the pursuit of customer satisfaction by providing an excellent product, fast delivery and on-site delivery.



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